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BindBuddy is a simple device that easily attaches to any bag strap.  It firmly holds any garment or soft goods (jacket, yoga mat, coat, sweater etc.), keeping them close and secure at all times so you can enjoy a hands-free commute.


New 2021 version! Thicker strap with a tight weave design increases durability and provides a firmer grip on garment or soft goods.

Where Can You Use BindBuddy?

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Commute to Work

Your standard workday commute is stressful enough.  BindBuddy lets you free up your hands for the things that matter, like your morning coffee.

Yoga & the Gym

BindBuddy allows you to keep your hands free on the way to your favorite yoga class or gym.

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Long Distance Travel

Travelling can be a balancing act and with all of your luggage it's easy to lose that jacket you brought along for layering. BindBuddy helps secure these items with easy access, any time.

Going to the Beach

Beach towels take up so much bag space. BindBuddy lets you free up more space for everything else you need to make a day at the beach great.

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Children's Toys On-The-Go

Whether you're out for a walk or at the mall with the kids, they always need their favorite toy or teddy to keep them occupied. Never worry about those toys falling out of the stroller or bag again!

A Convenient Way to Simplify Your Commute

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BindBuddy is a high-quality device that uses a nylon strap to stash your coats, sweaters, and jackets by your side.



  • Easily clips onto most backpack, messenger and gym bag straps.

  • Keeps your hands-free for other things.

Light & Portable

  • With a super lightweight construction and a sleek design, you will hardly notice it until you need it.

  • Weighs only 51 grams.

Secure Storage

  • Never worry about your stuff slipping from your bag strap again.

  • Items stay attached and secure even when putting your bag down.


  • Carries and secures most soft-goods up to 2.5lbs with its lightweight and durable nylon strap.

  • That's enough strength to carry beach towels, yoga mats, children's toys, sweaters and all but the heaviest of winter parkas!

  • Each BindBuddy is individually hand assembled to ensure quality.

How It Works?

It's As Easy As:


Squeeze to Release


Wrap Around Item


Clip To Secure


Pull To Tighten

BindBuddy Components


The Body

  • Made from a high quality ABS resin, the Body of the BindBuddy is both tough and durable.

  • The Body houses the spring coil and is what the Clasp grips onto when it is being used. It also houses the Strap when it is stowed away and not in use.


The Clasp

  • Made from the same ABS resin as the Body, the Clasp is strong but flexible enough to unlock with a firm squeeze.

  • The Clasp also acts as the lock when tightening the Strap around whatever you are carrying.

The Clip

  • Made from the same ABS resin as the Body, it is surprisingly strong. The carabiner style clip is a spring loaded lock for easy attachment and detachment to your favorite bag, purse, or even jean belt loop!


The Strap + Tab

  • The lasso for your stuff! The Strap is made of a strong smooth nylon fabric with minimal stretch so you don't need to keep tightening it over time.

  • Simply strap your jacket in, attach the Clasp and pull the handy Tab to tighten!

What The Press Says

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