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What Started BindBuddy?


The Problem

BindBuddy's founder, Ryan Nguyen, noticed that people bring a jacket or other articles of clothing for layering with them wherever they go. There wasn't a great solution for storing these items. People stuff them between the straps of their backpacks, tie them around their waist, on their purse strap or brief case. He noticed how often their garment would fall off, become a hindrance or ever worse, be lost forever.


The Idea

While travelling on business in China, Ryan went out for a walk to sight see. He was wearing a backpack and a light jacket. He had stuffed the jacket between the strap on the back of the backpack. Due to the motion, his jacket kept falling to the ground. This was what finally sparked the idea for BindBuddy.


The Solution

After looking into various options, Ryan decided that the solution needed to be small enough that it was hardly noticeable when not in use, needed to be lightweight but could also secure a wide variety of garments and other items people carry with them. After several prototypes and a lot of testing, the BindBuddy was born.

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