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Partner With Us

Thank you for your interest in partnering with BindBuddy. We’re seeking partners who want to share in our success and reap the benefits of our expansion efforts. 

We offer multiple programs to help grow your business and help your customers succeed through our partner program.

Please contact us at to inquire about any of our partner programs below.

Partner Programs


Selling Wholesale to Retailers

If you are a retail store or online site interested in carrying our product, we offer volume discount to customers interested in purchasing a large volume.


Re-branding to Retailer's Private Label Brand

Our product colors and logo are customizable. This gives us the flexibility to adjust them to your brand vision and business strategy.


Selling Wholesale to Promotional Product Distributors

Help your clients build their brands by supplying them with a creative promotional product or provide them with a customized trade show giveaway to wow their attendees.

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