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What is BindBuddy?

BindBuddy is a simple device that easily attaches to any bag strap.  It firmly holds any garment or soft goods (jacket, yoga mat, coat, sweater etc.), keeping them close and secure at all times so you can enjoy a hands-free commute.

Example of BindBuddy Being Used at Trade Show

  • Upon registration at the 2022 ACME Trade Show, the attendee receives a gift bag with a BindBuddy as an event giveaway.

  • The BindBuddy would be private labelled with the ACME logo. 

  • As most conferences are air conditioned, most attendees wear layered clothing. 

  • As attendees walk around the conference and start to remove extra layers of clothing, BindBuddy would be the perfect product to secure that now unneeded jacket, sweater etc. to a messenger bag, backpack or purse. 

  • They can now network hands-free!

Product Information

Please click below to download our product brochure which includes detailed information about product specifications, packaging and price thresholds.

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